This cool Google Calendar trick makes sure you won’t miss any World Cup matches

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In two days, this year’s World Cup kicks off, and no less than 64 games between international teams will take place in various Brazilian cities. To help users better manage their busy daily schedules and still catch as many games as possible, Googler Dan Cobley posted on Google+ a cool Google Calendar trick that makes sure users won’t miss any soccer games.

To insert all World Cup games inside their calendars, users who have Google accounts only need to go to the web version of Google Calendar on a desktop, log into the app with the Google ID, and then select Other Calendars from the left sidebar. From there, users should go to the Add by URL option from the menu and once there paste in the following URL:

https://www.google.com/calendar/feeds/vdmtdcektajkqjk51vvda4ni4k%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic and then click on Add Calendar.

Once that’s done, the World Cup schedule should be available across devices, and the dates and timings should be converted in the users’ time zones.

Furthermore, this special World Cup calendar should automatically update as “teams qualify and teams get sent home.”


World Cup 2014: Google Calendar


Google Calendar now helps you remember holidays in 30 more countries

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Interested in celebrating Carnival with your cousin in Argentina, or not sure when your friend in Zurich is off for the Swiss National Day holiday? You can now choose from 30 additional country holiday calendars in Google Calendar to help keep track of special occasions in different countries so there’ll be even more to celebrate.

The calendars, which will be rolled out over the next few days, also contain a wider variety of holidays and display dates for holidays further into the future, so you can have enough time to book a flight to Buenos Aires to join your cousin for the water games, or ask your friend to send you a dozen August-Weggen


new and streamlined navigation between your Google apps.

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Since we went live with Google back in April, you’ve used the familiar black bar at the top of the screen to swop between Gmail, Calendar and Google Drive – however, this is soon changing.

Over the next 3-5 weeks, Google will be removing the black bar and replacing it with a small ‘launcher’ that will provide quick and easy access to all your links by clicking a small button in the top right of your screen:




Clicking the launcher icon will open up a floating window that gives you access to any Google Apps that have been turned on for you:





The theory behind the change is two fold: 1) to make it more seamless to get around your apps and 2) to eliminate any distractions once you’re inside the app itself. It certainly makes for a cleaner experience, we hope you enjoy the new launcher!


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Communication and Collaboration Services Manager
University of Bristol




A new way to respond to Calendar invites…

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Google have always allowed you to respond to Calendar invites directly from the invite itself. It’s one of the features we wanted from the project, much tighter integration between email and calendar, increasing productivity at the University.

Rolling out now is a simple new feature in Gmail:



You can see from the image that you can now RSVP to an invite directly from your inbox, there is no longer any need to open the invite email itself to see the details or RSVP. Of course, if you want to still do that (e.g. because the invite shows you agenda for that day) then that is still available to you.


This feature will appear in your inbox over the next few weeks.