Google Hangouts – new at UoB

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hangoutsHangouts is a product from Google that allows full HD video calling or text chatting with anyone else in the world who has a Google account. It’s accessible from mobile devices or from a desktop machine, wherever a web browser is available.

Starting now, Hangouts is available on all UoB computers, so long as you download and install a simple plugin into Chrome – this is possible without administrator rights on Windows PCs. Whilst the setup we have at the moment only permits 1:1 video calling, we are actively looking to enable Google+ (the social media site from Google), which will allow you to have group video calls, run broadcasts through YouTube and other productive features.




We’ve put a lot of information online, along with links to Google’s own support – you can find it here: http://www.bristol.ac.uk/it-services/applications/google-apps/hangouts/

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