Sending encrypted files through Google

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google-cloud-security Whilst Google’s services are very secure in their own right (read more here: http://goo.gl/dP02wl), the University has always offered advice on how to encrypt files that you may send via Gmail, Drive or other means. Whilst the University mandates encryption for strictly confidential files, you may personally wish to encrypt them to be 110% guaranteed of their privacy, or to protect the integrity of the file – there are many reasons.

Earlier this week, Google made a change to their services that resulted in the method that we had for encrypted files no longer being compatible with Gmail or Drive. We don’t yet know why they made this change, but Google do pro-actively make changes to their services to protect the security of the service and the users that use it.

Because of this, the University has had to make a small change to it’s instructions, meaning that you have to choose a different option in one of the drop-down boxes in 7-zip – you can find more information on this, and other information security advice, on the University website:


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