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Google have recently launched a new reports page that we can view in the UoB Google Team and it shows us some interesting insights into how people work at the University!

On Christmas day





An amazing 9002 staff members (for clarity, we include Postgraduate Researchers) with University Google accounts logged into Gmail on Christmas Day 2013 – was this because they all got given new tablets or laptops? Or was it because they prefer quiet days to do their work? Who knows! Even more surprising are the thousands of people that checked their Google Drive (more coming on this in 2014! – perhaps they were looking for their favourite turkey recipe?)  and their Google Calendar – (perhaps like me they plan their entire personal/private live through Google Calendar and were checking where they were having lunch?).




New Years Eve 2013



University employees quite clearly enjoy NYE more than Christmas – numbers logging into the Google Apps dropped – Gmail went down by just under 3000, perhaps showing that people had got work out of the way and were choosing to use NYE as more relaxing/sociable time?







Email Numbers

We can also see how many emails UoB in it’s entirety is sending and receiving across the past few months:

You can see that it’s fairly constant, that we send much less than we receive (well done UoB!), that there are peaks and troughs as weekends & holidays come and go but that there are 2 enormous spikes in November. Unfortunately, we can’t explain those spikes, but it does coincide with the time when ransomware (where your computer is hijacked and essentially held to ransom..) attacks spiked. Fortunately our spam/virus defences at the University are quite strong and will have stopped the vast majority of these from reaching inbox’s.


Google Drive

and finally, we can look at the amount of documents the University has created in, or uploaded to, Google Drive. Google Drive for those who don’t know is Google’s online version of Microsoft Office (allowing you to work collaboratively, in real time, with colleagues inside the University and elsewhere) and Dropbox (allowing you to share files around the world up to 10GB in size). We’ll be making a big push on Google Drive in 2014, but organically, it seems people are already discovering it:







From August last year right up to the present day, Drive usage in the University has never stopped growing as people find new and exciting uses for it on a daily basis. As of February 13th, the University staff now has almost 1 million files and documents sitting in Google Drive – accessible and editable from any device, anywhere in the world.

We’ll be sharing more insights with you across 2014, keep tuned to this blog!


Mally Mclane


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  1. Nick Skelton |

    Really interesting stats. The 1 million files on drive is impressive.

    I wonder how many of the ‘people’ logging on to Google on Christmas Day may actually be laptops and phones set up to sync mail from Google to the device automatically?

  2. Will Bryson |

    Of course, not everyone at UoB will be from a culture that marks Christmas day…

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