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linkedin_logoLinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations. It’s the virtual equivalent of swopping your business card at a meeting and is quite widely used around the world. In the past week, they have launched a new tool for Apple’s iPhone and iPad that allows you to see LinkedIn data right within your email without going into the app itself. You can find more details on the launch on their blog:





Whilst we recognise that this can be a useful service, the way that LinkedIn have implemented raises some privacy questions. Once you activate and install the Intro app, it creates extra email settings that route every email you send and receive through LinkedIn’s servers. Email is sent to LinkedIn and scanned by them before being passed onto your email provider, regardless of if you are conversing with a current LinkedIn contact or not. To aid in the working of the service it also alters every email you send to placed a LinkedIn advert within the email.

LinkedIn do have a very robust privacy policy and pledge and you can find them linked at: http://www.linkedin.com/legal/privacy-policy. However, unlike the contact we negotiated with Google, the University has not had an opportunity to take the LinkedIn services and policies through it’s due diligence process and therefore must advise against use of their new Intro service.

Why is due diligence important? University data, whilst in the main is benign, other data we produce can fall into more sensitive classifications – such as that the University wishes to keep confidential for commercial reasons, or data it needs to keep confidential for security reasons. Because we don’t have a deeper insight into the LinkedIn process for Intro, we can’t guarantee the safety/security of University data and may fall foul of various laws and policies. You can read more on ‘You and University Data’ at: http://www.bris.ac.uk/infosec/uobdata/

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