Gmail delivery delays – 23/09/13

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Google invest millions in both their staff and their systems to keep things like Gmail up and running on an almost 100% basis. Unfortunately, things do sometimes break and Monday, 23rd September was one example of this. Beginning early afternoon, we began to saw issues such as email taking a long time to make it into your inbox and issues with downloading large attachments.

No email was lost during these issues.

Although the problem and it’s resolution are out of hands, it’s always useful that we communicate about the issues and their resolution to the University staff as our customers so that you can remain confident that we are doing the best we can to give you comprehensive and available systems. Google have also followed up with a more detailed response to the problem and what they are doing going forward, you can find it on their blog at:



Mally Mclane
Communication and Collaboration Services Manager
University of Bristol

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