new and streamlined navigation between your Google apps.

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Since we went live with Google back in April, you’ve used the familiar black bar at the top of the screen to swop between Gmail, Calendar and Google Drive – however, this is soon changing.

Over the next 3-5 weeks, Google will be removing the black bar and replacing it with a small ‘launcher’ that will provide quick and easy access to all your links by clicking a small button in the top right of your screen:




Clicking the launcher icon will open up a floating window that gives you access to any Google Apps that have been turned on for you:





The theory behind the change is two fold: 1) to make it more seamless to get around your apps and 2) to eliminate any distractions once you’re inside the app itself. It certainly makes for a cleaner experience, we hope you enjoy the new launcher!


Mally Mclane
Communication and Collaboration Services Manager
University of Bristol



Reader's Comments

  1. Chris Duncan |

    I will be feeding back to Google that it’s a retrograde step. Now instead of having a one-click switching between your apps, you have to do two clicks – that is not an improvement.

  2. Ollie F |

    I gave up on the dream that one day Google will start making quality user interfaces. Back to Windows 95, we are. The venerable Start button in its umpteenth reincarnation, it is.

  3. Steve |

    Once again, an “improvement” is going to be rolled out which makes it harder to navigate.

    A black bar with quick links along the top makes it very easy to access mail, calendar, drive etc. As Chris Duncan has pointed out, this will move from a one click experience to a two click experience.

  4. Mally Mclane |

    Hi all

    Thanks for your comments!

    I can’t promise they will be acted on, but I’ve fed your thoughts back to Google.



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