Google Quota Changes

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30gb-free imageSince Gmail launched, it’s always had it’s own quota and since Google Drive launched, that has always had it’s quota too. As users use the products more/more, they’ve had to manage 2 quotas and to be frank, it’s confusing.


To get around this, Google have recently announced ‘unified storage’, where there is one quota for Gmail, Drive and Google+ (though UoB doesn’t yet use Google+):



This means that you now have one 30GB quota to use both for your Gmail and any documents you store on Google Drive.  Quota on Google Drive only applies for files you upload and do not convert to Google’s own format. You can have unlimited numbers of documents you create in Google Drive or that you convert.

(these changes will be rolling out across the month of June, you can always check your quota at the bottom of your Gmail window)

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